Park City Hotel
Furniture Repair & Reupholstery

World-class upholstery in record time

Park City Hotel
Furniture Repair & Reupholstery

World-class upholstery in record time

Here's how it works:

Repair or Reupholster?

Hotel furniture should last several years, but sometimes hotel guests challenge the longevity. We'll discuss whether furniture repair or reupholster is a better decision before we start working.

ONSITE Upholstery

You don't need to worry about the time and expense of sending your furniture for repair. All our work is done on site (meaning quicker turnaround and less expense for your hotel!)

Get Back to Business

No more waiting weeks for your furniture to return. Your hotel will be repaired to full functionality in a matter of hours - not weeks. Park City service for a Park City hotel.

Meet Kevin

Kevin Hillyard is a master upholsterer. He has over 10 years of experience in a huge variety of areas and has done upholstery work for hotels, student housing, designers, grandma’s antiques, etc. and in Park City, Jackson Hole, New Zealand and Australia. He loves taking old frames and creating something new and unique.

Kevin has upholstered in hotels such as Waldorf Astoria and Marriott, and in major cities around the western United States.  

You don't have to choose speed over quality.

We get it. We’ve chatted with countless hotel managers, engineers, and decision makers who ask us the same thing over and over again.

How fast can you get it done?

You simply can’t have rooms unavailable for weeks at a time. 

And you can’t have your lobby begging guests to “pardon the mess.” 

That’s just not what guests expect from a Park City hotel. 

But quality matters too.

So how do you choose between getting things done fast and getting things done right?

With Blue Chair, you don’t have to choose.

We understand quality matters just as much as cost, and we’ve created a solution that balances the two with absolute perfection. 

Our services are designed to specifically accommodate world-class hotels. 

We bring everything to you. You don’t need to worry about shipping costs or weeks without furniture. 

Your furniture will be repaired in a matter of days.

Without any interruption to your hotel or guests.

Your hotel is only as good as your furniture.